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Effective Communication

Purpose Session

Character Development

Character is the combination of qualities or features that distinguishes one person, group, or thing from another. MXI can assist a new organization to establish a positive character in the community. MXI can also assist an existing organization to enhance its reputation, which can ultimately lead to increased revenue and new clientele. MXI conducts workshops and one-on-one sessions that cater to these needs, and also coordinates branding and marketing strategies.  

Conflict Resolution
Many times, people fail to navigate through and resolve conflict. MXI provides a thorough and systematic approach to successfully resolving conflict through the use of effective communication, a key element which makes the difference in the well-being of any organization.

Customer Service Training
In any organization, there are two types of customers:  (1) internal customers and (2) external customers.

MXI provides insight into the differences between the two types of customers by providing training on how to most effectively communicate and interact with both.

Organization Development
For new and established organizations, MXI can assist you with bringing out the best in your organization. MXI can organize, de-clutter and enhance your space, making it more appealing to new or existing customers.

Management training and work team development are essential to the success of any company. Through organization development, MXI can bring out the best in your staff.

Writing and Editing
MXI provides editorial oversight for books, proposals, dissertations, letters, business plans, vision statements, and college papers, including theses. A brief dialogue with the writer ensures maximum output of the final document.